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Palma de Mallorca (city center)

March 16, 2016



Spring break is a time to lounge on beaches, travel, and take a break from the already arduous spring semester. For some, it is also a time to reflect and organise everything that has been rattling in one’s mind. I thought this spring break would be the perfect time to finally get started on my long-awaited blog. So here it goes! During my Spring Break, I went to Mallorca for a week and stayed in Portal Nous (coming soon). On our second day of the trip we drove to the city center, which reminded me of a smaller more homey version of Madrid. Every street had such a warm and lively feel to it, as well as colors that made the city all the more aesthetically pleasing and photograph worthy. I wish I could have taken more food pictures with my camera on this day, but unfortunately it had run out of battery by the time we ate something so my iPhone had to take over (not blog worthy…Instagram worthy though!)

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I hope you enjoy the pictures. Perhaps I can inspire you to take a trip to Mallorca soon! I would highly recommend it!

xx Sofiaa





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